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May 2020 – Aug 2020

Malibu, CA

Autonomous Driving Research Intern

  • Autonomous Driving team in the Information and Systems Sciences Laboratory (ISSL): I did research in Computer Vision, particularly 3D object detection based on Lidar and images, one exiting point of using just images for 3D object detection is that although LiDAR sensors can provide accurate 3D point cloud estimates of the environment, they are also prohibitively expensive for many settings. I tested, trained, and tuned different architectures in different datasets and improved their autonomous vehicle pipeline for object detection.  As result, we filed a patent on the pipeline. 

Aug 2018 – Present

Orlando, FL

PhD Research Fellow 

I joined CAVREL at University of Central Florida in 2018 to pursue my doctoral studies under the supervision of Dr. Yaser P. Fallah. I had the chance to contribute to research projects funded by Ford, Hyundai-Kia, NSF and NHTSA to study solutions that bring autonomy and communication to road vehicles. 

I lead a group of graduate students on a project for Hyundai-Kia Company to develop a new architecture for CAVs safety applications, as result we increased robustness to communication failure and filed a patent.

Sep 2015 – Aug 2018

Sao Paulo, SP

Software Engineer  and Researcher 

I worked in information retrieval and knowledge extraction from text and web images. Classifying all information, structuring the data, and assigning meaning to the text, for data validation and fraud detection.  We developed an automated system (server-side solution) for extracting information from identification
documents, that led to accuracy improvements and scientific publications.


Sep 2015 – Sep 2017

Sao Paulo, SP

Graduate Research Assistant


My research was in Computer Vision, Text recognition, Deep Learning and Information retrieval. I developed an automatic text recognition system for generic identification documents.

Rodolfo Valiente, Rodolfo Valiente, Rodolfo Valiente, Rodolfo Valiente Romero