I am a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Engineering at the University of Central Florida advised by Dr. Yaser P. Fallah (UCF)My research interests are in connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs), reinforcement learning, computer vision, and deep learning. My research focuses on the autonomous driving problem from a cooperative and multi-agent point of view.  I have received my M.Sc. in Computer Engineering at the University of Sao Paulo (USP) and completed my B.Sc. in electrical engineering at the Technological University Jose Antonio Echeverria. I had the honor to work at HRL Laboratories on various autonomous vehicle projects and at the Laboratory of Computer Networks and Architecture (LARC).

My research goal is to make advances in reinforcement learning and self-supervised learning, which I believe is one of the biggest scientific hurdles for AI and autonomous agents. I am passionate about bringing science and technology via entrepreneurial activity.  On the personal side, I have broad interests spanning healthy living, running, reading, history, puzzles, and science in general.

Current Research Project:

We study the autonomous driving problem as a single agent and as a multiagent problem from a cooperative point of view in the presence of humans.

We tackle the problem of autonomous driving in complex & competitive mixed-autonomy environments where autonomous vehicles interact with vehicles driven by humans.

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